Maitri: A Unique Hybrid Model

Maitri’s Mission: Generating fair and dignified livelihood for home based caregivers through organizing, skill training and employment linkages

In India, domestic work is fast emerging as a high-potential livelihood option in Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities. Rapid economic development and rising numbers of nuclear families with working couples has led to requirements of child care and old age care, apart from regular domestic work. So while the demand for skilled and reliable domestic help increases, it is mostly women belonging to the lower social strata with poor skill sets, and lacking awareness of their rights, that such roles.

As a result, the domestic work sector involves distinct class and power equations between employers and employees and the work-place remains informal and isolated leaving both parties aggrieved. In this context, there is a strong opportunity for market-oriented enterprises which can ensure availability of skilled and reliable domestic help, while safeguarding their rights and entitlements.

Maitri was founded by Gitali Thakur in 2010 as a non profit in India set to work in the North Eastern part of the country. Since then, Maitri has evolved a hybrid structure that combines a For Profit Private Limited entity to focus on scale and sustainability through efficient and replicable systems and processes, and a Not For Profit NGO that works in the communities to ensure effective grassroots mobilization and creates rights awareness.

After testing its operating model and experiencing success in Assam, Maitri has now launched its flagship Sahayika programme in Kolkata. Maitri has trained and placed over 1000 Sahayikas as on 31st September 2015 since its inception. Our target is to create wholesome impact in the lives of at least 5,000 Sahayikas in the next three years, while remaining agile to evolving market needs of our urban centres.