The Maitri Impact

Through our uniquely design initiatives that keep in mind the needs and challenges on both the supply and demand side in the domestic work sector, we are able to ensure a long term association between our clients and Sahayikas. The Sahayika programme of Maitri, apart from creating long term economic impact in the lives of domestic workers, has instilled in them a sense of dignity, respect and hope for a better future, while enhancing well-being in our client’s urban households.

Some of our key initiatives include:

  • Regular post placement engagement meetings with Sahayikas ensure long term institutional linkage and association. This ensures that we have a very low attrition rate.
  • Continuous skill building training for Sahayikas ensures their career upgradation and keeps them motivated at work.
  • Maitri provides long term social security to all its Sahayikas and keeps them aware of government schemes and benefits that they can avail.